Alan Pateman Ministries
Dear Friends
You will discover throughout this web the vast scope of activities that we are undertaking. Please be encouraged to find us on Twitter, Facebook and other. We would love you to connect with this ministry and encourage others at the same time.

Through the vast work of this ministry people around the world have come to know Jesus, pastors and leaders have been trained through our LICU University, equipped and ordained. Third world peoples continue being reached. Broken places are being restored and the ministry of restoration is being fulfilled, all with the generous help and support from our special partners and friends - who are people just like you. Even the smallest gifts go the furthest way! (We witness permanently how the Spirit of God can expand resources, sometimes beyond belief!)

So the overall impact of 35 years in the ministry continues to increase daily and with your newfound friendship, partnership, love, support and prayers, the work of this ministry can continue for the next quarter of a century! We thank you for being with us in this mission.

Apostles Doctors Alan and Jennifer Pateman
Jennifer and I wish to thank all of our friends and partners for their love, support and prayerful giving. It's true to say, that we cannot do this without you. Remember, we are here for you and look forward to your emails, prayer requests and testimonies. 

APMI Partnership

We are looking for ​5000 faithful APMI Partners and Prayer Warriors! To pray for Doctors Alan and Jennifer and their apostolic ministry. To give on a monthly basis. Believe with us to target your giving, either as a one-time gift - or - split up through monthly giving.    

How to Become a Partner

Your Benefits

Daily Prayer

1. Enter your details clearly below, stating your full name, email address and gift amount
2. Indicate the amount you want to give
3. Decide method of payment: PayPal or see bank details below
4. Alternatively speak directly via telephone with our friendly APMI Administrator:
Telephone: 0039 366 329 1315
By becoming an "APMI Partner," means you will personally become a vital part of Doctors Alan and Jennifer’s Apostolic Ministry - enabling them to carry on in ministry to the nations and meet the needs with the gospel.
1. Partners will be given Priority Status
2. Daily intercession from the APMI team
3. No registration fee for leaders gatherings
4. A complimentary copy of each of Doctor Alan's newly released books for those who give 30 Euros or more per month
5. All partners will be able to send their prayer requests to this office
6. For pastors and leaders, Apostle Doctor Alan will consider their invitations as priority
7. Apostle Alan will also be available for personal coaching, advice and so forth
8. All supporters can use "Truth for the Journey" articles for teaching purposes (respecting the copyright notice on all materials applied)​
Along with Doctors Alan and Jennifer’s Spiritual Sons, all "APMI Partners & Prayer Warriors" will be added (along with your individual photograph) to our APMI Prayer Board - meaning that you will become our priority, in our powerful daily prayer meetings!

There will be regular news letters sent to your inbox called "APMI News." This will keep individual partners well informed.    


Regular contributions of any amount

We are looking to impact the world with the gospel, together we can do more! Join with us to equip the body of Christ through our LICU schools, missions, conferences, television and publications.

For those who GIVE EVERY MONTH £10, £15, £20, £30, £100, £200 or more, will save money with special discounts on     products, hotel rooms, conferences, and more.
You can give by Bank Transfer (please see details on the right hand side), PayPal (please see link below) or speak to our office for directions. 
Enter your details clearly below, stating your full name, email address and gift amount - and we will get back to you directly.
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