Apostles Doctors Alan and Jennifer Pateman
Dear Friends

Please allow me to introduce you to our ministry. 
The ministry first began in England back in 1987 (a Christian based parachurch, non-profit and non-denominational outreach), but now both Doctors Alan and Jennifer are ministering internationally as an apostolic and pro​​​​​​​​​phetic voice to the nations, "called as one going forth to make decrees and declare, to bring restoration of the broken pieces, going into the ruins and bringing revelation."

Apart from their itinerant travels, the ministry of APMI is at present focusing in two main areas of development: 1st, the Apostolic Ministry of  Connecting for Excellence  and 2nd, our teaching arm, LifeStyle International Christian University .  
What is CFE

What is LICU
Connecting for Excellence International Apostolic Network is a multi-facetted missions organisation with the purpose of connecting leaders for divine opportunities and building lasting relationships, to touch the lives of leaders literally the world over.

Apostle Alan has to date ordained more than 500 ministers in over fifty nations. In addition there are ministries, churches and schools who are in Association or Affiliation, looking to him for apostolic counsel.
LifeStyle International Christian University is the teaching arm of Alan Pateman Ministries.​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Apostle Pateman has spent the last 35 years travelling the globe, as an apostolic and prophetic voice to advance the kingdom of God. ​​​​​​​​​​

He established LICU in 2007, a study program to help people discover their purpose and destiny. Our courses at present are available for English speaking students who desire to invest time, and receive from the Anointing of the Word of God; not only to receive academic credits but an impartation that brings personal transformation and ordination. 

Thanks by Doctor Robb Thompson

Dearest Alan and Jenny,​​​
I wanted to thank you both for laying down your lives for others... In a world that is racing toward paganism, you have held the torch of the Lordship of our Christ high and with dignity... This requires sacrifice and a willingness to lose your life at any moment... I am humbled by your service...

Robb Thompson Ministries, Chicago USA
APMI an Apostolic Company
Apostle Doctors Alan and Jenny Pateman International Apostolic Ministry is a Christian-based (parachurch) non-profit and non-denominational outreach.

Ministering across the denominational streams - crossing those political and religious borders and gaining much experience and respect as a leader in the Body of Christ today. With Prophetic insight Dr. Alan’s ministry brings exposure to the tactics of the enemy and can often be both explosive and funny with illustrations that are enlightening! Equipping (teaching) God’s people for works of service (Ephesians 4:11-13), that He might empower with resurrection anointing and authority to reach the harvest of souls with the Gospel.     

We are financially supported by contributions from our friends and partners of this ministry.


We exist to help individuals, families, churches and nations realize and experience the transforming power of God's Word - to empower the local church and to raise up the saints for works of service in the Body of Christ worldwide


To develop a network of relationships (apostolic companies) which the Holy Spirit is developing for this end time move of God. These relationships look for apostolic support and encouragement. In so doing, our desire is to encourage men and women of God to move boldly and powerfully in the Holy Spirit, released to fulfil their divine destinies.